Kelani Simpson

23 Sep , 2021 Team

Kelani Simpson

Kelani “Lani” was born and raised in Berkeley, California. If she was at happy hour she would order a Hennessy sidecar with sugar on the rim. When she was 10 yrs old she wanted to be a veterinarian until she realized she would have to work with all animals, not just cats and dogs. Also, Lani has a fear of snakes so her veterinarian dream was short-lived.

Lucky for 2BL, Lani is a leasing machine, hard at touring units for our Oakland regions and making smiles on all our prospective tenants. She lives by her motto of “trying will get you closer to success but quitting dims your light and brings zero results”. On a Sunday morning you can catch Kilo and Lani at a dog park or on a trail. 

Fun Fact: Lani was forced to be in the choir as a child from 10 yrs old up until she turned 17!

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