Aley Schepis

23 Sep , 2021 Team

Aley Schepis

Aley was raised in Berkeley, CA and her first language is French. She describes herself as motivated, optimistic, and open-minded and she most admires her mom and dad, who moved to the US when they were young, had almost nothing, and didn’t speak any English. She says she wouldn’t be where she is today without their hard work, courage, and dedication.

Aley specializes in leasing for the 2BL Oakland region, where she applies her daily motto – Never give up, never surrender! At happy hour you can find her with a cocktail, preferably tequila, and on Sunday mornings you can find Aley sleeping in late or watching football during the season, and spending time with her boyfriend and dog.

Fun Fact: After Aley graduated college at UCSB, she did an 800 mile bike trip from Vancouver, Canada to Eugene, Oregon. 

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