Addy Rios

1 Oct , 2019 Team

Addy Rios

Addy has had two amazing experiences that contribute to her work as 2BL’s Controller. First, as a Veteran Seabee in the U.S. Navy, she took the Seabee motto “CAN DO!” to heart and there is no accounting task too difficult to tackle, or overcharge that can’t be corrected. Her can do spirit pairs perfectly with “Fight On!” mindset she learned as a member of the USC Trojan marching band, as she continuously pursues the most favorable results for 2B Living’s owners, tenants, and co-workers, with the same intensity as her Trojans march down the field.  In her spare time Addy loves to check off items from her bucket list.

Fun Fact: Addy and her husband have appeared on an episode of reality TV, but you’ll have to guess the show if you want to know more.


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